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Three Hens Designs

Art Prints and Greetings cards

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‘I started painting what I could see and what I know, which at the bottom of the garden is lots of flowers, plants and chickens! I am a collector of Maling pottery and can’t walk past a vintage or charity shop without a quick rummage, as a result of which I have a large collection of vases, pot, jugs and cups. I think my mantra might be ‘more is more’ when it comes to pattern and colour, which I think is reflected in the images I’ve painted. 

I am only just learning how to use different mediums and experimenting with how paint works, and it is something that gives me total pleasure. I am very grateful to have had the chance to divert my creative attention from music to art for a moment, and think that ultimately they will both feed each other and keep me enjoying making in whatever form it takes…’

Emily's cards are stocked by Artisan at the Barn and can also be purchased directly as can giclee prints in a variety of sizes.

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